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The Lost Words for Surrey Campaign




We aim to raise £5000 through a crowd-funding campaign to provide a copy of 'The Lost Words' by Jackie Morris and Robert Macfarlane to every primary school and special school in Surrey.


As well as the book, each school will receive a copy of 'An Explorer's Guide to the Lost Words', a teaching resource which overlaps with the National Curriculum.




We are delighted that the following organisations:

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

& Gatton Park , Dish Ceramics Painting Studio &

Surrey Media Labs

are supporting the Lost Words for Surrey campaign.



Campaign ends: 5am April 23rd 2019



In 2007 a well known children’s dictionary, using established algorithms, found that children were no longer using words such as acorn, conker and otter, instead words such as chatroom and blog were becoming increasingly popular. Reflecting this usage, and with a finite amount of space in the dictionary, these nature based words were taken out to make space for those more commonly used words. Children were no longer talking about nature.


By way of an answer to this, award winning author Robert Macfarlane and award winning author and illustrator Jackie Morris,,got together to create a book celebrating ‘The Lost Words’. The book explores twenty words including kingfisher, heather and newt, each word has it’s own magical acrostic spell and beautiful illustration. The hope is that ‘The Lost Words’ will recapture children's imaginations and stir in them a love and appreciation of wild places, plants and animals.



In a 2008 National Trust survey, only a third of 8-11 year olds could name a magpie, and in a paper published in Science magazine, a group of 11 year olds had 80% accuracy at identifying Pokemon characters, and only 50% accuracy at identifying common species of British plants and animals. With evidence of an increasing disconnect between children and nature, it is more important than ever that they know and understand these words. If children don’t feel connected to the  the natural world, they won't feel concerned about it. If we can inspire a love of nature at a young age, it will last a lifetime!


There have been various crowd-funding campaigns up and down the UK to raise enough money to get The Lost Words into schools click the 'Map' button to see a beautiful map showing the areas where this has been successfully achieved. We would love to make Surrey part of this amazing movement.


With your help we can get Surrey's children talking about nature again!


Please do spread the word about this campaign, the more people that know about it, the more likely it is to be a success!


Email: jo@lostwordsforsurrey.co.uk


You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter, see the 'Contact' button for details.




Short film on The Lost Words:


Explorers Guide


The John Muir Trust is a charity dedicated to protecting and enhancing wild places in the UK. The Explorer's Guide to The Lost Words was created by Eva John and produced by the Trust.


By kind permission of the John Muir Trust we will be providing a copy of the guide which overlaps with the National Curriculum to schools along with The Lost Words.


To see a PDF copy of the guide:

Click Here


This donate button will take you to the secure crowdfunding site

This donate button will take you to the secure crowdfunding site



We are delighted to announce that the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation,

Gatton Park and The Salt Box are kindly supporting The Lost Words for Surrey Campaign with communications/rewards. For links to their websites please click on the logos further up the page.


On Sunday 7th April 1pm-5pm, Gatton Park will be holding an open day with a Lost Words themed nature trail and children's crafts. Come along and say hi, I'll be on The Lost Words stand!


On Friday 12th April Dish Ceramics Studio in Reigate are holding Lost Words themed workshops, pop in or give them a call to book your place!


We need as many supporters and donors as possible to make this project a reality! Please do follow us on social media (see below) and like, share and retweet to spread the word. If you are able to donate that would be fantastic! We have some great rewards available. Visit Lost Words for Surrey Schools to find out more







Jo Elphick


Volunteer organiser of The Lost Words for Surrey.


Email: jo@lostwordsforsurrey.co.uk











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